So, yesterday: my last trip to the eye clinic, where they pronounced themselves happy with the work they’ve done on my cataracts and signed me off. This has been the culmination of two years (almost to the month) of (sometimes scary) surgery, numerous clinic visits and two years worrying that I wouldn’t be able to see properly again, ever.

The transformation from myopic blurriness has been astounding and  I can’t thank the NHS enough. Well, I can, actually. Thank you Luton & Dunstable Hospital and, specifically, my consultant Ms. Sandhu for giving me my sight back.

Thanks too, to Mr. Newman and the team at Addenbrookes for the amazing retinal surgery on not just one but two occasions, without which I would have been well and truly f****d.


Yesterday was the end of the forth week since the second cataract op. So, today, no more eye drops. Vision is gradually improving. Happy with that.

The patch came off the following morning – pretty good vision from the start. Today was a little better, plus my eye wasn’t so sore as yesterday. I’m back on the 4 week regime of eye drops (Dexamethasone & antibiotics) but that’s almost normal for me so it’s not really an issue.   What isn’t normal (if you know what I mean) is that I can already see pretty well and… I’m not wearing glasses !

I do find I need to wear sunglasses some of the  time especially outdoors but that’s to be expected. I also made a pre-emptive purchase of (off the shelf) reading glasses as I wouldn’t otherwise be able to see anything close up. The strength is a guesstimate but it will do for now, I won’t be visiting my optician until after my post-op review.

Then something which really brought home how much of an improvement this has been: tonight I was lucky enough to see the International Space Station pass overhead, now that’s something I haven’t been able to see for a long time. Brilliant!

cat2_ - 1

So today I was back at Luton & Dunstable for the cataract procedure on my left eye.

This time the anaesthetic procedure wasn’t so uncomfortable, they used a cannula rather than a needle (may cause some bruising!). Furthermore the cataract procedure didn’t seem to take quite as long as last time.

At the moment the eye is covered by a patch, I can remove this tomorrow morning. Looking forward to seeing how much I can see.


Back at L&D for the post-op check. Everything looking good, although they’ve extended the Maxidex drops for another 2 weeks.  The slight blurring I experience in the morning and the “glare” I get under certain lighting conditions are normal for this stage as the eye continues to heal. Things will continue to improve over time.

So just over 3 weeks in and the eye is gradually improving. First thing in the morning they eye is at its most blurry but it improves as the day progresses. To be more accurate, it’s not that the vision is blurred, the effect is more like glare on a lens; it’s as if I’m looking through a dirty pane of glass.

Also, I’ve now stopped the antibiotic eye drops, now it’s just Dexamethasone twice a day for 2 weeks. Nowhere near as onerous as the post retinal regime!

In the morning my vision is a bit blurry, or rather it’s like looking through a dirty window. Also, the white of the eye is very red, bloody as opposed to an ‘infection’ redness. This looks similar to before (post-retinal surgery). I’m guessing it’s mainly the result of the poking and prodding that the anaesthetist did. I’ll give it a few days, see how it goes.