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Or, Surgery Day plus one.

The day started at 6am with the usual “obs” and was followed by lots of eye drops. This was repeated at frequent intervals in between which I managed breakfast, lunch and the posturing.

Mid-morning and one of the doctors examined my eye, liked what he saw and said he would arrange my discharge.

Then just before lunchtime, Mr Newman came to get me for another examination. He checked everything out once more and said he was happy with his handiwork. New posturing instructions: the left side/right side was just for the first 24 hours (for the reason mentioned in my previous post). From now on I was to keep my head upright, this was for 10 days even if the gas bubble has not completely dispersed. This was very similar to the last time and was the best possible orientation, some patients have to keep on their side, flat on their back or, worst of all, flat on their front 24 hours a day. This time he said I didn’t have to sleep completely upright, I could sleep on a slope provided I slept with my left cheek in the pillow. (In the event, at home I found it easier to sleep sitting nearly upright).

Meanwhile I would be allowed home but wasn’t allowed to leave before they had delivered my medication to take home. Not like last time then!

Finally everything was in order and a nice nurse escorted me through the labyrinth from the ward to the main entrance where I waited for my lift home.

I must give the staff a mention, not just the skill of Mr Newman and his team but the nurses who were, without exception, lovely. It was saddening to learn, some days later, of the problems Addenbrooke’s Trust is having, the special measures, etc. I personally couldn’t fault the medical staff although I can believe the problems lie with the executive and the administration.

Acting on recommendations from similarly afflicted people on the interwebs, I’ve bought myself a pair of anti-glare specs, These ones fit over my normal prescription glasses. The idea is that they reduce glare when driving at night and, from the short term test I’ve given them so far, they seem to be doing a good job. They reduce the glare from oncoming headlights, brake lights and street lamps. I’m told they also help in daylight under foggy conditions or heavy rain but I haven’t tested that yet.

The only drawback is that they are somewhat on the large side, fortunately I will mainly be wearing them at night, in the car.

So hopefully few people will see that I look like a huge Bee. 🙂