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I have always been reluctant to add the numerous trips to Cambridge – required for my cataract treatment – to the existing post-retinal-op appointments and discussed this at length with Mr Newman’s team. It’s over an hour each way (on a good day!) and I have to cadge lifts as I can’t drive myself. Well, more accurately, I can’t drive back because of the eye drops administered during the appointments. Anyway, recently there has been a fair amount going on behind the scenes and I have now been referred to the cataract clinic at Luton & Dunstable hospital, which is a lot nearer to home. At a pinch I could get a cab.

I’ve secured an appointment at the beginning of March and Addenbrookes will send my notes over. I’m hoping that the Op isn’t too far into the future because the cataract in my right eye has become especially inconvenient.