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Had my annual eye check at my opticians. I think they found it a tad challenging having a double retinal surgery customer. My cataracts were the main problem as their simple instruments couldn’t really cope with the one in my right eye! There is a cataract developing in my left eye as well but fortunately the optician was able to prescribe a stronger prescription which countered the effects of the cataract.

So today I picked up my new specs and what a difference! It has made a huge improvement to my visual acuity, I was pleasantly surprised how much better I could see. Of course, this is a stop gap pair of glasses as, once I have the cataract procedure my vision will change again. First the right eye then, several months later, the left.

Meanwhile, if anyone reading this is experiencing reduced acuity due to cataracts then it is well worth seeing whether your optician can improve your vision for you while you wait for the op. 😉


The yellow night vision glasses are proving to be quite good. Still haven’t tried them in heavy rain or fog though.

Meanwhile, I spoke to my optician about new prescription glasses. They said it wasn’t worth spending the money until I’ve had the cataract fixed.

Back in the day – also known as “Before Detachment” – I usually wore contact lenses. I had the prescription set up thus:

Distance – right eye

Reading and things about 18″ away, e.g. computer screens – left eye.

I know that might sound a bit weird but it does work, the brain soon adjusts to it and “knows” which eye to use for differing distances.

“Post detachment” I can’t wear my contacts because I need my left eye for distance and my left lens can’t do that. Actually, I was originally told by the medics that I couldn’t wear contacts for now so it’s academic anyway. Instead, I have been wearing my “distance” glasses which means I can’t see the stuff that’s close up. To do that I can swap to the glasses with my reading prescription, so it’s not normally problem. Except for scenarios like shopping (yeah, I know, unlikely) – I can’t read what it says on the stuff on the shelves!

Of course I have to get some new glasses and I’ll probably end up with varifocals, but it’s early days; my surgeon said there’s no point in an eye test for new glasses yet. Any prescription I got now would change again within a couple of months.

At least I have an excuse ready for when my wife asks me to go food shopping. 🙂